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Virginia Coover


Photo of author and publisher Virginia Coover

What her customers say:

“Gini grows high-quality plants and unusual varieties that mass market producers do not grow, i.e. heirloom tomatoes and uncommon flower and vegetable plants that fill a needed niche in my garden center.” —Dave Brennan, Brennan Garden Center, Athens, Ohio

“I grow most of my own transplants, but I have Gini start my pepper and tomato transplants because she does a better job than I do.” —Rich Tomsu, Rich Gardens Organic Farm, Shade, Ohio



Virginia Coover has grown greenhouse plants and vegetables for twenty-six years. She sold out of her greenhouse for fifteen years and has been a vendor at the Athens Ohio Farmers’ Market for twenty-one years. She helped design and build her greenhouses and workspaces.

For two years Ms. Coover managed a producers’ cooperative that sold local plants, fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, and processed food products.

Originally trained as a high school biology and general science teacher, Gini Coover now promotes natural greenhouse production through presentations to groups and workshops held at the greenhouse.

Subjects include The Natural Greenhouse, Early and Late Vegetable Production, Using the Greenhouse to promote Sustainable Agriculture, Growing Annual and Perennial Plants in the Greenhouse, Earning Money with a Natural Greenhouse, and also, any of the topics covered in The Natural Greenhouse, Growing Plants and Food for Profit.
(See the book’s contents page for ideas.)

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The Natural Greenhouse
Growing Plants and Food for Profit

by Virginia Coover

Available from Sun and Shade Publications

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