Excerpt from Chapter 4: Growing Plants the Natural Way


Growing plants is far more enjoyable for me than all the preliminary work required in the previous chapters. If you have completed the planning, building, and ordering phases one time, you will be able to devote your full attention to growing plants. If you have not, do so quickly or, believe me, there will be many times when you will wish you had. If you have other people helping, they may be able to finish these projects so you can concentrate on growing plants, but be sure the buildings will be ready for use and the supplies received by the time you need them.

One planning phase still remains: seed germination and transplanting. Since it is directly related to the growing of plants, it will be covered in this chapter.

The planting and care of plants in a natural greenhouse are handled differently than in most commercial greenhouses. When you grow one variety in a large greenhouse, the operation is less complicated. To manage a variety of healthy plants in one greenhouse and have them available to sell over a several week period, it is necessary to:

    plant in succession

   vary the amount of water and fertilizer used

  identify a variety of insects and diseases and control using products that are not toxic to humans or the environment


This chapter explains how you can:

  prepare the germination and seed planting schedules

   plant in succession

   plant and germinate seeds requiring different temperatures and conditions

   grow your own plugs and transplant them into pots and hanging baskets

   water and fertilize plants in varying stages of development

   control insects and disease