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Introduction: How To Use This Book

Chapter 1: Planning for A Profitable Business
Setting Goals. Size of Operation. Length of Growing Season. Will Employees Be Needed? Identifying Your Markets. Natural or Organic? Initial Financial Decisions. Keeping Records and Paying Taxes.

Chapter 2: Building Your Greenhouse and Related Structures
Maybe You Don’t Need a Greenhouse Yet! Legal and Safety Considerations. Choosing the Right Size Greenhouse. Choosing the Right Type of Greenhouse. Choosing the Location of Your Greenhouse. Locating Additional Structures. Less Expensive Heating, Cooling, and Watering Systems. Plant Benches and Beds. Using Ground Covers. Owner-Built Greenhouses. Germination, Work and Storage Spaces. Temporary Growing Structures. Multiple Uses for Empty Greenhouses and Workspaces.

Chapter 3: Planning the Growing Season
Be Thorough, but Flexible. Be Efficient and Save Yourself Time. Deciding What to Grow. Preparing a Budget. Locating and Securing Markets. Preparing the Final Plan. Selecting, Scheduling, and Paying Employees. Locating Suppliers. Buying Seeds, Bulbs, and Plants. Buying Supplies. Completing Maintenance. Setting Up Work Areas.

Chapter 4: Raising Plants the Natural Way
Planting in Succession. Preparing the Germination Schedule. Preparing the Seed Planting Schedule. Preparing Labels. The Growing Medium. Preparing Flats for Planting. Planting Seeds. Germinating Seeds. Organizing Plants in the Greenhouse. Watering. Fertilizing. Controlling Insects and Disease. Transplanting into Pots and Hanging Baskets.

Chapter 5: My Favorites and Best Sellers
Vegetable Plants. Fruit Plants. Annual Flower Plants. Perennial Herb and Flower Plants. Early and Late Vegetable, Herb, and Flower Sales.

Chapter 6: Growing Vegetables the Natural Way
Temperature Requirements. Space Requirements. Choosing Varieties That Produce in the Greenhouse. Growing Your Own Plants. Soil Preparation. Planting in the Ground of the Greenhouse. Watering and Fertilizing. Controlling Insects and Disease. Extending the Growing Season Beyond the Greenhouse.

Chapter 7: Selling Plants and Vegetables
The Pitch. Educating Customers. Learning from Your Customers. Pricing Plants. Pricing Vegetables. Signs and Labels. Packaging. Retail Contracts. Opening Your Greenhouse to the Public. Selling at the Local Farmers’ Market. Selling in Public and Private Locations. Selling Online and Mail Order. Selling Plants Wholesale. Selling Vegetables Wholesale. Fundraisers. Collecting Sales Tax.

Chapter 8: Between Growing Seasons
Evaluating Product Lines. Evaluating Markets. Financial Evaluation. Greenhouse Cleanup. Improving Soil Fertility. Preliminary Planning for the Next Season. What If Significant Changes are Required?

Chapter 9: Diversifying and Increasing Income
Greenhouse Related Sales. Adding Compatible Operations.

Chapter 10: Putting it All Together: Gini’s Greenhouse.
A Twenty-Six-Year Journey: Beginning to Present. What’s next for Gini’s Greenhouse?

Afterword: Best Wishes To You


Appendix A: Scientific Plant Names
Appendix B: Companies,Supplies and
  Equipment, Seed, Bulbs, and Plants

Appendix C: Organizations

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