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Gini’s Natural Greenhouse

We offer

Tours for your group

Workshops at the greenhouse

Presentations for your organization or class

Landscaping and planting services

for workshops & presentations
can include:

growing your own plants

growing vegetables early, late, and through the winter

building your own greenhouse

growing vegetables and plants for profit

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Sun and Shade Publications presents

The Natural Greenhouse
Growing Plants and Food for Profit
by Virginia Coover

“This book is a must for the hands-on person wanting to grow greenhouse plants"
                                  Hal Kneen, OSU Extension Service

Image of The Natural Greenhouse book

"...does the work in one volume of a whole shelf of books on the subject."
                                                                Todd Bastin, MLS

"...excellent information on having fresh food almost all year."        
                            Chris Penrose, Ohio State University

"A valuable resource for anyone who is interested in starting a natural greenhouse."
                                      Jeanne Haseley, Master Gardener

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The Natural Greenhouse
Growing Plants and Food for Profit

by Virginia Coover

Available from Sun and Shade Publications

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The Natural Greenhouse
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