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Here's what people are saying about
The Natural Greenhouse
Growing Plants and Food for Profit


From Midwest Book Review:

"Greenhouses create optimum environments for growing plants year round. The Natural Greenhouse: Growing Plants and Food for Profit is an informed and informative instructional guide to those who want to take their gardening hobby to a professional level of competence, as well as those who are considering turning their gardening into a business. With advice on what to grow, how to grow it, and when to grow it, The Natural Greenhouse covers a wide range of subjects from getting started, to protection issues such as insects and pesticides. If you're thinking of turning your garden into a business, or simply doing your own horticultural research and experimentation, The Natural Greenhouse is what you need to work efficiently, effectively, and successfully." - Small Press Bookwatch, Sept. 2008

From Extension Educators:

“For those that are concerned about the source or safety of their food, this book provides excellent information on having fresh food almost all year. If you want to avoid making mistakes with greenhouse production, this is the book for you.” — Chris Penrose , Associate Professor, Ohio State University.

“This is a good book for anyone considering greenhouse market production, especially for those who want to avoid the use of synthetic pesticides. The book is practical, easy to understand and interesting. There is a wealth of examples illustrating key concepts and principles taken from real life experiences.” — Rory Lewandowski , Ohio State University Extension Educator, Athens County.

“This book is a must for the hands-on person wanting to grow greenhouse plants for their own use and extra spending money. A documented source of greenhouse information for the novice or beginning greenhouse operator.” — Hal Kneen , Ohio State University Extension, Meigs County.

From a Librarian:

THE NATURAL GREENHOUSE, by Virginia Coover, will solve a serious information deficit among the patrons I serve. Many people are looking for an efficient means to acquire ‘food independence’ as the price of food continues to go up and as more information continues to come out on the diseases and disease-causing chemicals found in mass-produced foods. From growth infrastructure through crop planning to harvest basket, this book contains all aspects of the issue of creating a credible food source for one’s household and for establishing a business selling surplus produce for others of like mind in one’s community. It will serve a multitude of reference needs in the library where I daily work. It does the work in one volume of a whole shelf of books on the subject.” — Todd Bastin , MLS, Athens Public Library.

From Gardeners:

“I enjoyed the book thoroughly. The book explains, step by step, how to start and grow plants; and solve problems that might arise while raising plants, vegetables, or flowers in the greenhouse. A greenhouse is invaluable for growing nutritious food in my area, one of the shortest growing seasons in the U.S.” — Janet Sapp , Gardener, Bonners Ferry, Idaho.

“The book draws on the many years of personal experience the author has had in the natural greenhouse business. She shares growing techniques, check lists, time lines, favorite varieties and business tips, which she has developed during her years of growing plants the natural way. She shares her successes and failures in a personal way so that readers can learn from her experiences. This book is a valuable resource for anyone who is interested in starting a natural greenhouse.” —Jeanne Haseley, Master Gardener, OSU Extension, Athens, Ohio.

The Natural Greenhouse

Growing Plants and Food for Profit

by Virginia Coover

Available from Sun and Shade Publications

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The Natural Greenhouse
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