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Workshops, Presentations, and Tours



Workshops and tours are given by Virginia Coover, greenhouse owner and operator, and author of The Natural Greenhouse, Growing Plants and Food for Profit.

You can invite Ms. Coover to your club, school or organization for an interesting and educational presentation about her book and her business.

Gini has grown and sold naturally raised greenhouse plants and early vegetables for 26 years. Her regular column appears in Garden & Greenhouse Magazine.


Some Workshop Topics




1. Grow Your Own Plants

Grow your favorite varieties for your gardens, pots, and hanging baskets. Avoid the use of toxic chemicals. Have your plants ready to transplant at the time you need them. Save money.

Hands on practice. Learn how to plant, germinate, and grow your plants. Bring your own seeds and containers (if you have them). Flats, inserts, pots, hanging baskets, growing medium, and a limited variety of vegetable seeds can be purchased at the greenhouse.






2. Plan and Build Your Own Greenhouse

Learn how to build your own greenhouse (permanent or temporary), workspaces, and plant benches.

Expand your ideas. Start small and add on later. Save on watering and fertilizer systems. Reduce heating costs with ground covers, multiple layer covers, and inexpensive heaters.






3. Grow Early Vegetables in the Greenhouse, Naturally

Grow vegetables before, and after, the local growing season to eat and to sell.

Learn how to choose varieties that produce in the greenhouse, to prepare the ground, and to control insects and disease.



Greenhouse Tours

Whether you read and use the book, or are looking for an interesting and educational field trip for your group or class, here's a great opportunity to see and experience, first-hand, the inner workings of Virginia Coover's very own Natural Greenhouse.

Here's what you will see:

Owner built greenhouse
       30' x 84', wood construction. Built in 12' sections so construction is easy to adapt to any size.
Small workshop
      16' x 24', designed for planting, germinating, transplanting, and storage.
Germination chamber
      10' x 12', built inside the NE corner of the greenhouse.
Planting and transplanting area
      small inexpensive, inside the greenhouse, just outside the germination chamber door.
Germination/light shelf
     simple and inexpensive.
A variety of greenhouse materials in use, including
    - extra strong, woven, greenhouse film
    - woven ground cover
    - twin-wall polycarbonate panels
    - insulating blanket for frost protection. Saves on heating bills.
Temporary structure
     made from 1 5/16” galvanized pipe. Easy to assemble and move.
Plants that grow and produce well in the greenhouse.
     Varieties will change from month to month.
Various sizes and types of containers to germinate, grow, and sell plants.
Inexpensive heating and watering systems

 To Schedule a Tour or to find out more about Workshops & Presentations

(740) 594 4147


PO Box 22, Shade, Ohio 45776


Read Gini's amazing How-to book

The Natural Greenhouse
Growing Plants and Food for Profit

by Virginia Coover

Available from Sun and Shade Publications

to order today!




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